A Scientific Analysis of Santa Claus

Finals in school, maniacally baking cookies, watching relatives get drunk on eggnog, and (naturally) breaking into your mom’s closet to find out what’s in that huge bag. Doesn’t this sound like the holidays? Oh yeah, and don’t forget all that Ho-Ho-Ho nonsense with the big fat dude who’s in a red faux-fur pantsuit that breaks and enters all the homes with sleeping little children.

But what we never ask ourselves about aforementioned dude who needs Weight Watchers is: Just how does he do it? Is it even possible? Continue reading


Your Weekly Horoscope #10

If you were born today you can’t read this. If you were born on the same date many years ago then your monkey troubles are coming to an end, the zoo has captured most of them.

Aries- Dont fret it’s almost the holidays and your horoscope says you will enjoy everyday of winter as soon as school ends…. until your chores catch up with you. Continue reading