By: Anonymous

As we all know, every one has a different idea of average. There are the people who think that they are average because they do okay in school, they have normal grades, or they have good friends. There are people who think they are above average for being strong, smart, or “cool”. There are people who think they are below average for being weak, stupid, or dorky. Then there’s me.

Although I like to believe that I’m not an above nor below average thirteen year old, I’m not average either. I make a new category. I don’t fit in, but I don’t stand out. Although this is the only option left, I don’t blend either. I’m one of the few that you can’t categorize. I hang out with my friends, do my schoolwork, and every other thing the average person would do. Yet for some reason, I’m different.

Here’s an average day in my life. I get up in the morning, grunt to my father in greeting, and start eating breakfast. I get dressed before brushing my teeth and leave my hair in a bundled mess. I usually walk to school because my family has to leave early for work. Occasionally they have a day off and take me to school, but not often.

I get to school and look up to see the love of my life staring back at me. We’re friends, and neighbors, but she sees me as a brother. I casually walk up, “Hey,” I say.

“What’s up,” she replies. It happens how an every day teenage conversation would take place. As I talk with her, I marvel at her beauty and grace. I get frustrated but keep it to myself. My body urges me to throw my arms around her, but I restrain myself. That would completely ruin our friendship.

I go to my first class, math. I turned in my homework and work on the next assignment. As I walk through the halls to my next class, I hear someone say, “Hey Garret.” I turn around to see my best friend Mathew walking towards me.

“Oh, hey Mathew,” I say casually, “what’s up?” We delve into conversation. I find out that he got a cool guitar lately and is learning how to play, and I was impressed. I had never expected him to take up music as he was so lazy.

I get to my next class, art, and start working on a sculpture. It’s going to be a book. The assignment was to make something that you like. I liked reading, so I made a book.

The next class, science, was uneventful as the last two. I read a science magazine and discuss what I read. I quietly sighed to myself as I daydream. I do that often in school, as it is a good way to pass the time when I am bored.

During lunch, I hang out with my friends. I eat my home-packed lunch comprised of pasta and bread. As I go out to the field until the bell rings, I nibble at the piece of bread in my hand. After the bell, I continue to my next class, history. After that, I continue with my next two classes and wonder if my love will ever feel the same way. Maybe at least realize my feelings for her.

I get home with my carpool, walk into my empty house, and start on my homework. I have a snack to tide myself over until dinner, and wait for my father to return. That is my average day. Is it the regular average, or something different? You be the judge.


2 thoughts on “Average

  1. You are not normal; you are special.

    Nature is what we are called upon to rise above,
    and more than a dozen times
    you proved you rise above your nature
    and do what is right.

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