Jet Cards


This passage is why I think the good side of our jet card is a bad idea. Also I wrote some good reasons too, but mostly bad. The reasons I think the good side of our jet-cards are bad is because I think a lot of people abuse the good side of the jet card. I’m a teacher aide and the teacher has these chains for all the good deeds people do. Well, all these 7th graders put a lot in the box. I have to read through them to see if they say, “Sign the person’s jet card.” It’s ridiculous how many kids put, “So and so is my best friend.  Can you sign their jet card for RAK?” (random act of kindness) or “ So and so let me borrow their homework.  Sign for RAK.” or “So and so gave me advice. Sign for RAK.” I mean it’s horrible. They just assume that they can get a free way of getting positive points on their jet cards.

Also, sometimes in the hallway I’ll see kids act like they’re someone else just to get it signed and get credit for something THEY DIDN’T DO! It really bugs me. Also I see this in my classes as well. When a teacher sees someone helping another person, then the teacher is signing their jet card and people try to show off. It’s like, who cares? No one really cares what you do because you want attention! I get it, everyone wants attention every once in a while, but trying to do something just to get your jet card signed is sort of two-faced-ish. I think you should act the same way and then get your jet card signed, because you actually deserve it…sometimes.

Some good reasons are when people screw up then change their behavior, then get their jet card signed to fix that. I know that’s confusing, but when someone is talking and the teacher says, “Be quiet,” they won’t stop talking. Then the teacher takes their jet card and signs it, but most of the time they don’t cause problems for anyone. So then they still act the same way but actually listen, then the good side of their jet card should be signed. Well that’s good. But when they are two-faced that really bugs the living crap out of me. It’s like, why don’t you act this way all the time? You get the same reward. So why not?


8 thoughts on “Jet Cards

  1. Great point. Abuse of the good side of the Jet Card is a despicable thing and, as you point out, shows these people are kind of two faced; however, I think that the number of positive things these new “good side” Jet Cards could create outweighs the two-faced abuse, the system simply has to be tweeked a little (and people need to start thinking before they act).

  2. The Positive Points side of the Jet Card is a really good idea- in theory. But in practice, as AMP said, being teenagers, we’re going to exploit it for all it’s worth. It’s getting to the point where we’re acting like little bipolar angels for the sole purpose of getting positive points. Personally, I think it’s only teaching us that acting like decent, civil human beings is worthwhile only when there’s something to be gained.

  3. I acted the same way I do before the good jet card, and I have barely noticed the good jet card. It just gives people a channel to exploit.

  4. If there is nothing to be gained nor lost then there is no reason to act civilized … but I get what you’re saying.
    Who’s Jasper Turniptruck?

  5. Things have gotten better ever since i’ve written that passage, I had Mrs. Hargis talk to the kids and I think she sent an e-mail to some of the teachers stating that it should be for a really really great reason! I’m happy things have changed, now we all know that people are actually earning those signatures instead of “giving advise’

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