Life You Choose

By: Tre’ T.

I am from the tree of life,

and the tree of death.

It backstabs like a knife,

then you’ll be laid to rest.

I am form a seed,

from a plant to an animal.

I’ll grow into a weed,

a bird with no wings.

I’ll have a cencenieda,

I’ll have a barmitsfa,

I’ll see the world in many ways.

Counting down these pointless days.

Life’s fun, a party , but only if you choose so.

I’ll roam the earth,

soar the skies,

yet living life like a fool,

is like dying just to die.

You have a hand full of life,

waiting to be used.

You’ll win some and lose some,

just have a good attitude,

and you’ll play the game of life better it seems.


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