Family Traditions

I am from walking on the beach

I am from red, white and blue

I come from watching the games every weekend

I come from the carpools to and from the games

I am from my football games taking a million years


I am from the orange ball walking into the basket

I came from practicing everyday

I came from getting pushed to work hard

I came from being the best I can be


I am from the polluted air

I am from a crowded city

I come from skyscraping buildings

I am from homeless people asking for money


I am from open land and trees

I am from my family reunions

I am from family coming at Christmas time

I am from hunting turkey for Thanksgiving

I am from the smell of the turkey


I am from my family dropping dishes boom, pow, crash

I am from people knocking on our door pound, pound, pound

I am from chickens and roosters


I am from grandma sizzling sausage on the grill

I am from branches looking at me

I am from treating goats like sheep

I am from not treating anybody or anything different because of how it looks or acts

I am from grandma’s Sunday morning breakfast

I am from trees moving to where I walk



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