Goodnight Poppy

“Poppy!  Come read with me! Please? My bed time isn’t for another thirty minutes!” I said to my grandpa.  “Alright sweetie, whatever you want.  What would you like to read?” he said in his kind voice.  “How about…ummm…Goodnight Moon!”  He began reading me the poem about the young rabbit.  I stared at the intricate drawings as he flowed through the book, giving me enough time to study each illustration.  I didn’t pay any attention to my grandfather, all I cared about at that moment was reading my favorite book.  “Goodnight moon,” he said aloud.  I was almost asleep, so he carried me to bed and put my head down on the pillow.  I turned my back to the wall, too tired to give him a kiss, and whispered, “Goodnight Poppy.” Continue reading


These Whales Aren’t Good Enough! A Memoir

By Raiza

To many people, Free Willy is just another movie that exploits wild animals to make a profit, hopefully prompting little children to flock to Seaworld to see Shamu. But in my family, Free Willy is often regarded as the most expensive movie rental in history, equating to about $8,000 a minute (you’d have to be a Kline to understand).  It set me on a path down British Colombian Highway 19, to meet some of the best people in the world, and the realization that I too, even being just one person, can make a difference. Continue reading