Today in Jefferson History-10/21

Today in Jefferson history was the day when the world finally turned colorful.

Many years ago the world was black and white and life at Jefferson Middle School was extremely boring. Most of us have seen pictures from those dark days. Finally a student named student color decided it was high time to add something different to his bland world. So one day he came to school in a lab coat and some science materials. He told his science teacher Mr. Bobob about a grand idea he had that would change the way the world looked, he called it COLOR!

So Mr. Bobob and Steven began their tedious chore of creating color! Every class period with Mr. Bobob was spent working on their new creation, Steven worked tirelessly throughout the day without any lunch. Finally school ended and everyone left. But the two faithful scientists stayed to continue their experiment.

As the janitor went about his daily duties he heard the sounds of gears whirring and metal grinding coming from Bobobs classroom. As he approached to investigate he heard a loud explosion and threw open the door to see a blinding light. The next day everyone awoke to a world much more bright and happy they named the new look to their world COLOR after the great child who created it. When all the students went to school that glorious day they found tProxy-Connection: keep-alive
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ashed with color and greatly resembling tie dye shirts. This was the curse they shared fir being the first to see color.

For years the world was a new happy place and every day was interesting and exciting for everyone. Today color is taken for granted and we do not respect the grandeur of the world around us! We must honor Mr. Color and his invention of color for we never know when it will wear off and the world will return to the dark and dreary place it once was.


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