Jeffersons History of October 14th

By Henry C.:

Today, October 14,  in Jefferson history a unicorn was first sighted on top of the Jefferson bell tower. It was a cold windy night back in 18 A.D. when Sir Fredward Von Vincent Van Botrack Bone was walking home from a long hard school day with his college Boe. Suddenly a loud bugle call was heard from miles away, and the two looked up upon the humongalisish shape of a unicorn silhouetted against the moon.

The creature stared down at the two terrified women and said in a boomingly musical voice “The turkey’s gonna eat me!”  And this is how the Bell Tower became the scary, and rather silly, place it is still regarded to be.

Also on October 14th, the very first debates were held in 1939 when co-teachers Mr.  Key and Ms. Judd became embroiled in a heated “discussion” over a muffin. Ever since debates have continued at this school. The two inspired this school to take up the most admirable and honorable tradition of arguing with each other!

Come back every day for more Jeffersonian articles and next Thursday you’ll have more Jefferson History!  Some of it may even be true!!!

Editor’s Note: Yes, we do realize that Sir Fredward Von Vincent Van Botrack Bone and his college Boe changed gender halfway through their story. Though we don’t know how they did it, this was intentional.


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  1. As far as I am concerned, colleges are large institutes of learning where people pursue Bachelor’s, Master’s and Doctorate’s degrees. Perhaps you meant “colleague.”

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