Ask Ivan

Every one knows that the Jeffersonian will be hosting “Ask Ivan every!” every Monday.  There’s just one problem. No one’s emailing us anything for Ivan! Come on people just email a question to the jeffersonian at, and we’ll have Ivan answer it. This is your chance to ask for advice, all it takes is one little email!
You can ask about almost anything you want. Just Don’t make it obscene or inappropriate for school and he’ll have it up on the Jeffersonian sooner or later! Remember we will do this once a week so your questions might take a while to be answered but don’t let that stop you. Ivan will be responding to your questions and let me assure you he is a highly trained proffesional. Last year he helped six billion people with his amazing therepy sesions. If you need him out side of shool he works at Sly Moose industries. He’s been working as an advise giver for ninety two years and has been taught by the famous duo Abcdefg and Hijklmnop and everyone knows how succesful they were back in the A.D.s!


2 thoughts on “Ask Ivan

  1. sly moose was a acoustic douo at tuross music festival at tuross head country club, either in britain or canada.

  2. Dear Ivan,

    Sometimes I see kids hiding from others. By that I mean they are trying to stay “invisible.” They find an isolated spot to stand, avert their syes so as to not make eye contact, don’t ever say hello, and quite frankly, look a little timid or scared.

    What should I do? How should I approach these students? What’s a good conversation starter? If I start talking, what if I can’t get them to talk?

    I want to help them come out of their shell. What’s a good method? Some would say be yourself, but that might not always be advisable.

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