A History of Jefferson

By: Case A.

Jefferson Middle School is very old! In fact, it’s the second oldest middle school in Albuquerque besides Washington. My cousin went here and now she is 26 and has two kids. She had the same teacher I did for P.E! It’s 70 years old! It’s been here for a long time and is still standing!
When it was first built it was only 35,076 sq. feet. They did not add on the 6th grade hall and cafeteria until 1950 when over 15,000 sq feet was added to JMS. In 1958 the office and the locker rooms where added. In 1974 we got the very nice library we have today. Our school was not small when it was built and it just continued to grow.
In 1974 we got our big gym. Before the big gym we had our small gym, which has been there from the start. Then in 1976 we got our music building. That did not last long. We are getting a new one! It will be better when that happens because all the music programs will be better. Rock and Rhythm will have their own building and so will the others. Then in 1994 the atrium was built.
We have a great school in my view. We are the greatest school. We have such diversity and yet we keep it great. Everyone gets along. Best of all we have the greatest teachers. We have teachers that actually care about us and actually sit there and listen to what we have to say. In sixth grade I had lots of trouble in math, and all of my math teachers since have done a tremendous amount to help me. What I am trying to say is Jefferson MS is the best middle school that I have could have possibly gone to.


One thought on “A History of Jefferson

  1. “In fact, it’s the second oldest middle school in Albuquerque besides Washington.”

    Ah, so Washington is actually second oldest and we are third oldest … or maybe you just don’t know how to construct a sentence.

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