The Horrid Sister

By Hannah

One night as Harvey lay in bed, he heard a low wailing. Believing that it was only the wind, Harvey rolled over and went back to sleep. A while later he heard the wailing again. Now it was louder and seemed to be coming from somewhere inside the House.

The next morning Harvey raced downstairs, skidded into the kitchen and began pouring out the tale of the wailing cries from the night before. Ms Griffin sighed, and then groaned as she frowned at the floor before falling into a nearby chair. Harvey fretted like an old lady over Ms Griffin. “Oh, Ms Griffin, are you OK? I didn’t mean to upset you, it’s just this noise scared me out of my wits and oh…”

Ms Griffin interrupted Harvey before he could say any more. “Harvey, you have just told me that Jive, Marr and Rictus’ sister Dread has returned to the Holiday House.” Ms Griffin whispered.

“What does that mean?” wondered Harvey. Ms Griffin didn’t answer.

That night Harvey laid awake thinking about Dread, and wondering what she did, and why Ms Griffin seemed so frightened by her. Before Harvey could remember Ms Griffins’ warning he heard the darn noise again. Tonight he would hunt down Dread like the mouse she was. Tonight he was ready to discover the noise that annoyed him so much. Flashlight in hand, Harvey crept down the halls following the sound that had disturbed him. Then, as he got closer to the wailing, he realized it wasn’t wailing at all, but an ugly sort of singing.

“OHHHHHHHHHH I AM SOOOOOOO BEAUTIFUL!!!!” Harvey was astounded at the ruckus. “YOUUUUU WILL BEEEEEEE MY SLAVES TONIGHT!!!” The singing stopped abruptly. Then the brain rattling voice rose into the air again. “OHHHHH FISHIES, OHHHHHH MY FISHIES!!” Harvey wished he’d brought a pair of earmuffs.

Then Dread rose out of the gloom and hissed, “I smell a pesky human boy. Come out HARVEY”

Harvey didn’t know what to do except stand up and walk into the room with his head held high. After a quick scan of the room, he realized Lulu was poised in the middle, glaring at him like he was a cockroach. Harvey’s scream could be heard over the din, “RUN, Lulu!” But then Harvey realized in horror that she was not the one that needed to run. He sprinted from the room to find Ms Griffin.

Ms. Griffin was awakened by a terrified Harvey, who was screeching like a banshee, about how Lulu was the one and only, Dread of Holiday House.


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