The Strange Episode

By Kevin W.

When Harvey walked into the Holiday house, he happened to see Wendell walking and weeping.  He was staggering through his eventful Halloween with little detail, Mrs. Griffin at his side. 

Wendell saw Harvey and said in a whimper, “Harvey!  Harvey!  Where were you?  Did you see that thing out there?  Did you see it?  Did you see it!?”

“No. What are you talking about?” Harvey halfheartedly replied.

Harvey was especially tired from his recent transformation. Marr had returned him back into a human, and now he felt like a big grizzly bear that had just come out of hibernation.

Harvey decided to retreat to his room. As he drew near the bedroom door, he heard something that sounded like bubbling.

Harvey approached the door and cautiously turned the doorknob.  He then quickly shoved the door open and gazed about his room.  Immediately he caught sight of several puddles scattered across the floor.  Then he glanced at his bed, and saw an ocean colored humanlike figure sitting contently on his bed.

Harvey gasped and said, in fact practically shouted, “Who are you?”

The creature responded in a slow, blubbering tone, “Hey there.  My name is Ooze.  Don’t be frightened.  Rictus sent me to speak with you about our siblings, Jive and Marr.”

Ooze was a very beautiful color of blue. He had no viewable legs, and short, stubby arms.  His face was chubby and his eyes were not completely open.  Strangely, everything on Ooze’s body was ocean blue except for his ears, which were neon orange.  He talked slowly, as if he thought nothing else was there besides what he was focused on.  His voice had a rather boring drone to it and, from what Harvey could tell, Ooze had no sense of humor.  He also had water-like fluids bubbling from crevices throughout his chunky body.

Harvey said under his breath, “There are five of you?”  Harvey was rather annoyed that this Ooze was shortening his sleeping time.

Ooze said, “Yes. I’m am the youngest of the brood.”  Ooze noticed Harvey’s expression and then said, “I won’t be long.  I just need to make sure of something.”

Harvey said, “Go ahead I’m all ears.”

And with that, the episode began…


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