By: Morgan P

To me eccentricity means that someone or something is strange or different.  Too many people/things think being eccentric is a bad thing, but to a special group of people “eccentric” is the best word that people could describe them by.  Sometimes I feel that I am eccentric, I mainly felt that way when I wasn’t in gifted.  I felt more eccentric when I wasn’t in gifted because I always felt smarter than most of the other kids in my class, and I wasn’t confident in raising my hand when I knew the answer because I wondered of what the rest of the class thought of me,  I was always afraid of being made fun of for being smart.  Then, I thought that being eccentric was a bad thing, now, I see it as a good and special thing.  I take pride and honor in being an eccentric person.

When I hear that word eccentricity I think of the famous fashion designer Betsey Johnson.  She is a woman that inspires millions with her eccentric clothes and fashion sense.  Betsey Johnson loves to make clothes that are eccentric and different.  That is how she makes a living.  The way the Betsey dresses herself and others, makes people stop to stare, or do a double take.

Although Betsey Johnson is a very eccentric person, she makes people look like a “million bucks”.  Her wacky style and different look at life makes her a different person.  She is bizarre and odd, but that is what makes Betsey Johnson unique.

I did a lot of research on Betsey Johnson last year because she is unusual and eccentric.  She is not like other people, she doesn’t seem to care what other people think about her or how she dresses.  She just does what she wants to do to make herself happy.  Betsey makes being eccentric really cool, she makes me feel like it is a great thing to be different and odd.  It is not just what other people think or feel about you it only matters how you feel or think about yourself.

If I  feel like it is bad to be eccentric, I think about Betsey Johnson and how she made a living and a career being an eccentric woman.  If she did it, then I can do it


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