St. Patrick’s Day

By Patrick D.

Everyone knows of Saint Patrick’s Day, right?  To most people it’s not that big of a deal.  You dress up, you wear green, and if you really care about Saint Patrick’s Day you pinch people who aren’t wearing green.  Then if you are an adult you might go to your local pub and get some beer and some Irish food.  Nothing special, right?

Well for some people it is.
I have lived long enough to see all the things people wear and, more importantly, don’t wear on Saint Patrick’s Day.  Every year I see green shirts, green hair, green nails, and some green stickers and buttons.  What I don’t usually see is green leprechaun hats or green skin, but that never stops me from dressing up like that.

Saint Patrick’s Day has always been my favorite holiday.

If you know me you can probably guess why, but let me enlighten you anyway.  My name is Patrick. Pretty obvious now, right?  Every year for the past, I am not sure how many, years I have gone over and above your average person on Saint Patrick’s Day.  I literally cover myself head to toe in green.

To start, I fill up a bathtub with water and mix in this really powerful green dye, and, you guessed it, dye my entire body green.  Then I put on some green shorts, a green shirt, (I used to have one that said “Happy Saint Patrick’s Day”, but I grew out of it) as many green wristbands as I can find, a green bandana, a green leprechaun hat and, (I almost forgot) I dye my hair green.

I have never seen anyone who can top my get-up.  On many, many occasions I have been asked why I dress up like that.  I have never really had a reason. Well maybe I think it’s good luck, I mean I’m not superstitious, but I guess I am a little “stitious”.  Dressing up like that on Saint Patrick’s Day is just one of those things that I do and am known for.

On several occasions people have come up to me and said “Aren’t you that weird kid who dresses like a freak on Saint Patrick’s Day?” I just smile and say, “Yes I am”.

I have always loved Saint Patrick’s Day and have never cared what people say about me, even though the dye takes two weeks to come out.


3 thoughts on “St. Patrick’s Day

  1. All I ever do is drive students crazy talking with an Irish accent, which I’ve been told by experts is not very authentic.

    I can’t wait for Thursday, March 17, 2011. I love to be topped. See you then.

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