Lizard Lectures

“Time for dinner!”  There is no reply.  She tries again, “Come wash your hands for supper!” Silence.  “Francesca, go get your brother please.”

As I walk toward my brother’s room I begin to hear strains of Beatles music, or could it be “West Side Story”?  Maybe “Phantom of the Opera”, or even “Jeeves and Wooster”?  About five feet from the door I finally know what the sound is—this time I’m sure. It’s his favorite podcast, “Current Geek.”  The second I walk through the door, though, I realize my mistake.  James is watching an anime show on his computer.

Meet my younger brother James.  He’s currently a 4th grader at Monte Vista Elementary, and he’s definitely eccentric.  Interestingly that word doesn’t even begin describe my sibling.  Personally, I would lean more toward weird, or even extraordinary.  Whatever he is, though, I have always loved him, and I always will.

James’ life is controlled by two main passions, his love of music and his idolization of Jason from the comic FoxTrot.  My brother has been playing the violin since age three, but what he really enjoys is singing.  Opera, pop, musicals, rock, you name it. He even sang in a production of The Mikado this summer, which leads us to his list of favorites.  James’ favorite musical is Thespis, his favorite composers are Gilbert and Sullivan, and his undisputed all-time favorite band is, The Beatles. Nonetheless, music is only part of who James is, and the other part is just as important.

My bother is also a geek, or at least he strives to be.  He’s definitely not a nerd. James is a geek.  He loves his computer like a son, and would rather be alone than with friends.  On top of that, my younger brother writes and performs lectures on herpetology, or the study of lizards. And when I say perform, I really mean reciting them on the school playground for anyone who will listen.  He has even been known to have “boring offs” with teachers, meaning they compete to see who can be the most tedious.

All this aside, James is a mostly normal 4th grader, and I love him for who he is, eccentricities and all.

Francesca J.


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