The Horrid Sister

By Hannah

One night as Harvey lay in bed, he heard a low wailing. Believing that it was only the wind, Harvey rolled over and went back to sleep. A while later he heard the wailing again. Now it was louder and seemed to be coming from somewhere inside the House.

The next morning Harvey raced downstairs, skidded into the kitchen and began pouring out the tale of the wailing cries from the night before. Ms Griffin sighed, and then groaned as she frowned at the floor before falling into a nearby chair. Harvey fretted like an old lady over Ms Griffin. “Oh, Ms Griffin, are you OK? I didn’t mean to upset you, it’s just this noise scared me out of my wits and oh…” Continue reading


A Question of Religion

By: Sarah M

Twenty-four percent of Americans believe that our current President, Barack Obama, is Muslim. There are many reasons for the average citizen to say this.  Of the 42% who say Barack Obama is Christian, most say that the idea that he is a Muslim was invented to shine a derogatory light on him. Continue reading

The Strange Episode

By Kevin W.

When Harvey walked into the Holiday house, he happened to see Wendell walking and weeping.  He was staggering through his eventful Halloween with little detail, Mrs. Griffin at his side. 

Wendell saw Harvey and said in a whimper, “Harvey!  Harvey!  Where were you?  Did you see that thing out there?  Did you see it?  Did you see it!?” Continue reading