Ben’s World: On Negative Externalities.

Ben’s World: On Negative Externalities

by Ben J.

Externality- an effect of a decision by one set of parties on others who did not have a choice and whose interests were not taken into account. In short, an unwanted and unintended effect caused inadvertently by one’s actions.

This article is devoted to externalities of the negative kind. A classic example of a negative externality is The Club. The Club is a machine one places around one’s steering wheel that prevents the wheel from being turned more than a few inches unless The Club is unlocked. The Clubs intended use is to tell potential car thieves “This car is hard to steal.”

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The Ivan Zone: On Being Really Angry

The Ivan Zone:

On being really angry

All right people, I’ve been saying for a long time: “it’s the Albuquerque [insert name of program], you’ve got to stop expecting adequacy.”  Now, in this space you can insert the name of any program that begins with “Albuquerque” like, Albuquerque Public Schools or the Albuquerque Journal.  Now, I spend a great deal of time telling my readers how thoroughly inept APS is, so today I will inform you of the adequacy that you should not expect from the Journal. Continue reading

Why “Grumoe” Should be a Word

Why “Grumoe” Should be a Word
By Miranda R.

It was a calm summer morning. I sat quietly on the rug, with one goal–to create words. The shaking of lettered cubes could be heard. At last the cubes settled, and my younger sister turned over a timer. Four pairs of eyes began to focus on the arrangement of lettered cubes, and nothing could be heard but the scratching of pencils on paper. My pencil, respectively, was fairly quiet.
Sixteen English letters sat in front of me, but they did not appear to spell anything. Then, out of luck, my eyes darted over to a curious arrangement of cubes. Grumoe. It was, in a non-hyperbolic tone, pure genius. I quickly scribbled it down.
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