This isn’t an essay about how the media objectifies us, nor is it an essay about the corruption of America. This article isn’t completely filled with lots of words to take up space so I can feel like I wrote more than I really did. If I did that, it would take away from the message that I want to show you. This is a message that shouldn’t be hidden in metaphor and should be said as bluntly as possible:

My generation has been lost.

We have lost our self worth and we have been sucked into a false reality. Our whole world is composed of fast growing technology and social networking sites. Phones tell us the time, date, and year, and they are a small door to the world called the Internet. Our reality is lost and, apparently, so is our self worth. Nobody knows what he or she wants to be or why we continue in the monotonous pattern each day. The only answer I have gotten for my second question was the same answer the teachers gave me, which is the same answer they got from the higher level of worker bees, which is the same answer they were given by the massive system of consumption. Everyone is swallowed by it: schools, businesses, families, religion, the government. We gave it what it wanted in the hope that we would get something close to happiness in return. The system breeds us to strive for high paying jobs like being a doctor, or lawyer, or scientist even though our potential is elsewhere. It wants us to be successful for it. But what if I wanted to be an author who questioned this all-powerful force? What if I made a documentary on the feeling of displacement that it has caused? What if I wrote an essay in the eighth grade about how I see through the smoke screens and put it on an online school newspaper open for anyone to read?

I wouldn’t be very liked. I would probably have a few readers or watchers, and that would be it. I would be a bunch of wasted potential coagulating in the twisted spoon our society has become. But what if you put a fire beneath the spoon of society with me in it? Would I become a dangerous drug? Or would I become medicine? Instead of destroying your brains, I will give you thought. Maybe instead of being madmen, we will be revolutionaries.

Or maybe I’ll be forgotten and my body will turn to dust and seep into the sands of time.

But I would like to leave you with something more than an apathetic look on society. Maybe we can be something. Maybe we will regain our footing and stand on solid ground. Maybe we will rise from these pathetic ashes and create an inferno as we soar past the clouds to the heavens, screaming loud enough so that someone will actually hear us and know that we are not just pretty lights on a computer screen. Maybe the next time I ask you what you want to be when you grow up, this might be your answer: I want to be a lawyer so that I can make sure that those who have been wronged or who have done wrong have an equal voice in this court system, or, I’m going to be a doctor to heal those who are sick even if the only thing I get out of it is a simple “Thank you”, or, I’m going to be a scientist to gain knowledge for others to use to cure the world of ignorance, and, hopefully, you all will say “I won’t be something because someone else told me to”.

Maybe your answer will be like mine: I’m going to be a revolutionary because our world needs some one to show them that there is still something left to hold onto. Because this world needs someone to tell them there is more to this life than punching buttons for a corporation and that you can be “someone” with skills other than math or a degree. We all can do something without all the fancy papers or technology. All I did was start talking to myself in a dirty kitchen. I told you all of this by simply being myself.

I don’t know what this has left you with. You may have thought that this was just some article written by some angry emo kid. Or maybe you saw past all the light and pretty pictures and saw that I actually said something. Or maybe you think I’m just trying to get attention by trying to put emotion in other people. That’s all up to you.

Thanks for listening.

“There is nothing terribly wrong with feeling lost, so long that feeling precedes some plan on your part to actually do something about it”- Johnny the Homicidal Maniac, created by Johnen Vasquez.


Vampires by: Kya G.


The word instantly brings to mind blood sucking, fanged people. Some people use vampire stories to scare their friends. Others use them to talk about society. Most vampire stories represent society in some way, whether or not the author meant for it to. If that’s what today’s stories are doing, what are stories like Twilight and other popular, modern day vampire stories trying to say about society? Has our society become obsessed with gore and only thirsts for sex? Why have vampires fallen from rich counts to angsty teens? Has people’s grip on reality and emotions loosened where there are only words and data on the Internet? What have we become and how is it parallel to the vampires’ fall from grace?

Almost any vampire movie has sex and blood. You might be thinking, “Well, duh! It’s like a vampire movie! Vampires drink

BLOOD!” I know this. I also compare movies like The Lost Boys and

Interview with the Vampire to movies like Space Vampires (please don’t watch this. It’s worse than it’s name) and Dracula 2000 and I see that there is a BIG difference between excessive blood use and merely showing vampires at dinner. Also, there often are unnecessary sex scenes that have nothing to do with the story line. Why have vampires gone from blood sucking “things” to horny sex fiends?  Have we become a nation whose mindset is on violence and getting laid? Our news seems to confirm this theory every night since someone usually is said to have been murdered and/or raped. If this is what vampire stories are saying we have become, are they wrong?

Secondly, if you walk into the teen section at the bookstore, it is really difficult to find a book that’s not about vampires or other creatures of the night. Most of these books have their vampires be angsty teens who purposely repeat high school over and over again. My question is: Why would someone who will live forever return to

high school for the rest of their days? Maybe this shows the feeling of being trapped that many of us teenagers are feeling today. Even when we look at adults and what could be our future, all we see is the monotonous continuation of our life all ready; the only change is the scenery. Maybe when people say vampires can never die, it’s society saying that we can never live. Also, most of these teen vampires are extremely depressed and/or suicidal. Edward Cullen, one of the main characters from the Twilight series, is an example of this. In the second book of the series, he tried to kill himself after he thought Bella, the main character, had died (by killing herself), even though he had abandoned her. The depression also stems out to the human characters. Take Heath from the House of Night series for example. After a blood bond called an Imprint is broken between him and the main character, he begins excessively drinking and rarely leaves his house. Is this depression a reflection of our youth? It could be with all the wrist cutting, drug taking, alcohol drinking teens out there. How can I deny things I’ve seen first hand?

Finally, many relationships in these vampire stories are very unhealthy. Sometimes the character becomes so dependant on the relationship that he/she believes that he/she cannot live without this relationship. Another way relationships go is that the character is usually heartlessly betrayed or he/she “cluelessly” betrays the person that loves them by cheating or other infidelities. Relationships are supposed to be good for each person, or so I’ve been told. So when I read these stories, I wonder why these characters get themselves into these situations. Then I look at some of the people around me and their relationships, and I realize, these stories aren’t far from the truth. I know girls and guys who have cheated or are cheating, and I know girls who couldn’t imagine their lives without this relationship. I wonder of these people get into these relationships just to say they’re in a relationship. I use to think people were in love with the idea of love, but now I think it is less than that. Now days, all a relationship brings is bragging rights. Of course, the more “unique” the relationship, the more you can brag. Girls go around, boasting how they are with a girl even though they really aren’t bi. What has made us so distant from real attraction? Do we just find a picture we like and try to become it? What has love become today? Is it now worthless or is it nonexistent? Has society become as cold as the Undead?

The fall of vampires leaves even more questions about us. Has our mind really become sex and violence oriented? Is the youth, my generation, becoming more lost and desperate? What happened to the love we read about in our fairy tales? Is it now just another myth? And one final question: With the humanization of vampires, are we now the bloodsuckers?