Talent Show!

I walk into a dark, packed gym.  It’s 6:32 and the show is already starting.  Crap.  Were are all my friends?  Guess I should have meet some of them before the show… I sit in a generaly empty section of the bleachers and listen to the first act, and the second when a friend of mine finally arrives.  I wave her over and catch her up on the action.

This situation, or a version of it may be shared by many other Jets who attended the Talent Show last night.  Many Jets showed up to showcase their varying talent and it came out wonderfull.  Here are a few hilights:

The girls who sang solo, acapella or with music, all did generally well, however I would like to send a shout out to the girl who sang My Life Would Suck Without You… You made an amazing recovery.  For the girl who sang with music toward the end of the show, sorry I don’t quite remember what it was that you snag, but the act was acompanied by some unfortunate sound dificulties… you are amazing!

Of corce, we had the clasic rock bands, one of wich was actually enjoyable, to the other: good job anyway.

Overall, we had some amazing acts and some sound and tech dificulties, well performed, Jets!


5 thoughts on “Talent Show!

  1. Gues? Should have MEET some of them? Generaly? Wonderfull? Acapella? What it was you SNAG? Dificulties? Of CORCE? Clasic? Wich?

    Not to mention the plethora of grammatical errors it this.

    I, for one, believe that the “editor(s)” don’t deserve their (its) title.

    • Ben: I admit I didn’t see the story/column in question, and apologize for any misspellings. Please feel free to continue bothering me let me know when you see another such gaffe.

      –head editor teacher person doo-dad

  2. One of the hosts of the blog, Mr. Scot Key, once told me something that didn’t resonate with me in the slightest, although the editors should probably take it to heart. One day Mr. Key asked me how I was doing. I responded “good,” to which he counter-replied “You are doing well, eh?”. I then said “Agggahaghgakkhgg, you really take that GAC thing seriously, don’t you?” To this he replied the aforementioned bit of wisdom that the editor(s) should contemplate: “GAC is not an assignment, it’s a lifestyle.”

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