The movie of our lives, by Bloody Fingers

Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, Right, Right, Right! Its Bloody Fingers, and I am back. Please listen to N.I.B by Black Sabbith while you read this.

So this is Bloody Fingers. I am here today to tell you about our Sensory Lag. The Sensory Lag is the time it takes between something happening and you actually comprehending it and feeling it.

It takes one thirtieth of a second for the fastest person in the world to actually realize and react to something that has happened. “You can’t go any faster than that. You can’t through sheer speed overcome the lag. We are all of us doomed to spend our lives watching a movie of our lives — we are always acting on what has just finished happening. It happened at least 1/30th of a second ago.” Continue reading


Ben’s World- on The Vending Machine

Editor’s note,  The author has submitted the article in it’s current formant and was posted as-is

I’m shure that, by now, everyone in the school has noticed the dissappearance of our beloved vending machine. This hulk of mashinery played a huge part in our luncheon rituals, and provided sustinance to the needy, albeit ridiculously overpriced and disgusting sustenance.

A moment of silence, please. Continue reading

The Sync, By Bloody Fingers

Welcome to Non Station Beef radio. This is your announcer, Bloody Finger. But before I can say anything please go to YouTube and listen to “High Hopes” By Pink Floyd, and for those of you who have blocks try

I am here to tell you about the sync! Imagine the world as one giant collective being, you and I are just a molecule in the whole equation. Now consider; as each molecule moves its electrons repel another molecule. So in this way each movement we make is synced with the moving away.

Each breath is synced with a different reaction. Each movement creates thousands of waves thru out the world, and even now as you are reading this it will create a movement. I think that each thing that you read, each thing you say, and each time you move it is stored in your brain. Some are more remembered, but the rest stay deep in the dark recesses.

And from there after each memory is triggered. They inspire you in the back ground with out you knowing it. You feature is defined by what you do in the now. I am partly controlling it, as is everything you see, meet, and do.

The feature is set by the now baby! You are synced in your now because your now has been defined by each second of your past, so your now is perfectly built because you built in this way. No one else can have the same now, your now is built by you, and it can only be built by you. The chances of you and me existing now the way we do, and the way we think are so so so tiny. Insanely small but we did it didn’t we? We are beating the odds each day, in every way. No matter what you do, it is foretold by your now. So your are synced right?

The Fear Effect

Since almost every person in America watches television, they are usually exposed to advertisements on a daily basis. Most of these ads use the fear technique. The fear technique puts into someone’s mind that they need something that they might not. It is fear that makes us their biggest customers.

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