Pictures From the 8th Grade trip to Santa Fe!!!

Our 8th grade journalism class at Jefferson Middle School visited the State Capital to talk to some of the representatives and senators about Senate Memorial 9. Senate Memorial 9 is important because the pollinators (mostly bees) are dieing. We as a class were trying to pass Senate Memorial 9, which was asking anyone with landscape to plant eco and Native friendly plants. We were also asking the governor to have a pollinator awareness week.

We would like to thank the representatives for not only listening to us, but for passing the memorial. Thank you Didi Feldman, Danice Picraux, And Gail Casey. Thank you, Senator Cisco Mcsorly, for taking the time to talk to us. We would like to thank Judy and Daisy, without you finding our way through the round house and finding the right people to talk to, would have been impossible! Lastly thank you Gadi Swartz for being so fun, telling us everything we needed to know, showing us around, and talking to us!


3 thoughts on “Pictures From the 8th Grade trip to Santa Fe!!!

  1. Dying… do the editors even correct spelling and grammar? Or do they just cut chunks of articles for no good reason and put comments in pieces that aren’t their own?

  2. Nice Blog! Good work on the memorial this year. I can’t wait to see what you guys draft up for the next session:)

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