Glee is amazing.

Enough said.

For those who have not yet experienced the joyfull, controvercial awesomeness that is the bombshel of a TV series yet, you are missing out.

I was first inducted to the Glee cult over winter break, when my aunt recieved the entire first season as a gift.  I imediately fell in love with the expressive and musical cast of freaks and geeks that make up a high school glee club.

This particular glee club is basically twelve high school kids who learn to sing a particullar song, add coreogeraphy, some costumes, and vuala!  An amazing mix of music, drama, and everyday issues faced by theose teenagers who are othered in defferient ways.

This show has a daring cast of characters, everyone from the latina chearleeder, to the pregnant cheerleeder, to the gay footbal player, to the kid in a wheelchair, to the african-american and asian populations, Jewish kids and much, much more.

This show does a whole lot more than just tell a typical teen drama, it details the lives of those of us whose stories are never told.  Those of us who aren’t reflected in the media are shown front and center in glee.  Don’t get me wrong, glee has it’s faults.  The only Latina is snooty and most of the characters are extremely stereyotypical.

With that said, I still love glee.  I will always love glee.  Glee has done what no other TV show has dared to do before, and to think, it was only aired because some other show got canceled mid-season!

Horay for opportunities!


10 thoughts on “GLEE!

  1. And you butchered the spelling of “Voila.”

    Thank you, Mr Scot, for I now know where to put a punctuation mark within parentheses.

  2. Who wrote this? Do you really have nothing better to do than write a blog article about a television show? And even that is a shallow analysis with little more than the general outline and first impressions. You have given no thought to the psychology of the show, or the reason for its characters being the way they are, or the morals (though I do not personally watch the show). Also, I highly doubt that the show does what no other show has ever done, it probably doesn’t. College professors have written large books on the “Theory of ‘Buffy the Vampire Slayer'” and you write a shallow and poorly constructed four paragraphs. Try again, you might successfully scrap together an almost adequate synopsis of the show.

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