Pictures From the 8th Grade trip to Santa Fe!!!

Our 8th grade journalism class at Jefferson Middle School visited the State Capital to talk to some of the representatives and senators about Senate Memorial 9. Senate Memorial 9 is important because the pollinators Continue reading


Ben’s World on Social Intolerance

Editor’s Note:  The following article is chalk full of TEENAGE ANGST, however, that does not detract from any of the opinions expressed in the following text.

Over the past three centuries, our nation has striven to achieve a state of equality; a place where everyone would be treated with respect and kindness; a state of mind without bias.Our leaders have constantly worked to right the wrongs inbred in humans, and have made significant progress towards equality.

We are now only very prejudiced, versus infinitely biased.

How special.

Our leaders have always claimed that America tries to be a free, equal, and Continue reading


Glee is amazing.

Enough said.

For those who have not yet experienced the joyfull, controvercial awesomeness that is the bombshel of a TV series yet, you are missing out.

I was first inducted to the Glee cult over winter break, when my aunt recieved the entire first season as a gift.  I imediately fell in love with the expressive and musical cast of freaks and geeks that make up a high school glee club. Continue reading

Book Review of A Long Way Gone by Savanah M.

Book: A Long Way Gone

Author: Ishmael Beah

Genre: Autobiography

Year: 2007

As a young boy living in Sierra Leone, Ishmael Beah’s entire life is thrown into chaos when rebels from the war begin to destroy everything around him.

When they finally push him into a military camp, he becomes a boy-soldier on a mission to make the rebels pay for his pain.  After UNICEF (United Nations Children’s Fund) liberates him from the war; he realizes, and speaks about, the horrors of forcing children to fight. Continue reading