Another comic by Miranda R.


5 thoughts on “Another comic by Miranda R.

  1. Middle school humour is a phrase that translates into your mom, your face, and most sexually related jokes.

    This comic was MY idea, thankyouverymuch.

    And finally, I have a question. Why is it that most middle schoolers are afraid to say sex? Please answer.

    Triple comment! YAY!

  2. B-Because the short person is self-conscious…Ack! I’ve been taken by surprise! Neurotic reflex kicks in! *shuffle shuffle* *hide under jacket*

  3. Ben, I couldn’t help but notice your bloated ego. I think they have cream for that.

    Also, why did you use the British spelling of “humor” (by the way, British English is the subject of the article I will write after my next article comes out)?

    And finally, the short person basically hit the nail on the head. Most middle schoolers are self-conscious of being taken the wrong way whenever they say sex, a problem which would not exist if not for middle school humor.

    Triple comment! YAY!

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