The World Through the Eyes of a Melodramatic Fourteen-Year-Old

By:  Kya G.

Time is something that changes generation after generation, so of course it’s normal for a normal adult to want to try to compare their teenage years to that of a normal teenager. Unfortunately, if a normal adult grabbed this essay, they grabbed the wrong five-paragraph essay. Why is this the wrong essay for comparison? Simple. I’m not a normal teenager. I see the world through eyes that have been scarred, so, in essence, I see a scarred world. You can stop reading now if you want. I don’t care.

Anybody reading this must think I’m one of those emo kids who has taken one too many drama classes, but there are so many problems I see in the “Teenage World.” I can almost guarantee that almost every kid in America has taken drugs, drunk alcohol, or has had sex. Parents need to quit thinking that their “little angel” would never do such a thing. I am the witness of self-destruction, lies, corruption and hypocrisy. Also, I know that an average American teenager most likely is a complete jerk. Normal teenage kids spread rumors, they mock the outcasts, they lie, cheat, or steal and they can get away with at least one of the things I just listed with ease. All of this is revolting and irresponsible, and it also makes you wonder what will happen when they are adults. The youth are the future, after all, and they are degrading themselves to such a lowly standard.

Another sad problem in the teenage world is social segregation. I know that it’s been around since human kind was smart enough to see differences in each other.  Whether it’s racism or if it’s because one kid doesn’t like how another kid dresses, people find one reason or another to hate each other. And, unfortunately, many different hates seem to fit together and create these small, prison like cells called cliques. Deny it all you want, but I see it every day at school. One group of kids who listen mainly to hip-hop don’t like the geeky kids who are more into math than music and soon this irrational hatred spouted from ignorance creates a form of clique war, and whether it’s because of ethnicity or interests, it’s a train that’s not derailing. Soon we’ll be hit by a problem a thousand times worse than Columbine and the events that soon followed it.

Then, as a final problem to add to my ballad of teenage self-indulgent self-destruction, I want to talk about technology. Most teens these days have a phone in their pocket, most with Internet capabilities, and a computer or two at home. Teens have become obsessed with these material objects to a point that if you ask them what would happen if you took away their cell phone, most would say they would die. Everyday, they check their emails, myspace, or facebook. Most of their communications are made through lit-up screens. Human contact is reserved to school and special occasions. I might be exaggerating, but only slightly. I know people who use text for talking to people who are in the same room as them. It honestly is depressing to see people become their machines. Before our overuse and abuse of technology, it used to be easier to find people with common interests, but now, most people are even more divided by lack of common interests than they were when it was just social segregation. One person once said, “Divided, we fail.” If we are the future, then our future is shattered.

I may seem like an emo kid, but no one can say that I don’t know what I’m talking about. I hope this paper had opened someone’s eyes to the teenage world. Unfortunately, there’s not much people can do. Telling someone not to do something makes him or her want to do it even more. Social segregation has been around for decades. We are in a time of major modernization and almost everyone needs a computer to make a living along with using it for communication and home projects. I guess I might just be acting over dramatic, but I named this essay The World Through the Eyes of a Melodramatic Fourteen Year Old for a reason.


11 thoughts on “The World Through the Eyes of a Melodramatic Fourteen-Year-Old

  1. Melodramatic is right!

    On the “most teenagers are jerks” front: truedat.
    On the “drugs, alcohol and otherwise” front: I think you’re overexaggerating it.
    On the “everyone is turning into a machine” front: you are exaggerating it slightly less than you are exaggerating the “drugs, alcohol and otherwise” front.

    In summary, people like you are right to be worried. But don’t lose hope, there are enough people who aren’t fickle, manipulatable etc. teens that the world has not yet tumbled blindly into an abyssal hole from whence never to return.

    For further reference on cliques, refer to the by now ancient (they were published in October ’09) articles on popularity in the op-ed section.

    United we stand, divided we fall!

    • There are some people who aren’t hypocritical morons, but I fear they won’t be enough. All the idiots in the world breed like rabbits, while rational people stay unmarried and virgins (The average amount of children in countries below the poverty line is 5.6, where as countries like France have an average of 2.43.)

      And the “Drugs alcohol sex” bit only applies to about 85% of people, by my reckoning, and the jerks bit is true. Actually, I think being a jerk is inevitable, at least among males. Maybe 5% of females aren’t jerks for at least two months of their teen years.

      Machine bit: true.

      Interesting fact: 70% of American men will lose their virginity to a prostitute. Since intelligence is hereditary, and most prostitutes probably aren’t that intelligent, we can assume that at least 65% of firstborns are idiots or just average.

      And I don’t like the adjective “cynical” when applied to me. I prefer “realistic”.

      • Realistic to a point, after that point you are no longer realistic nor cynical. At that point you are just plain silly. Also, where do you get your statics?

    • Um… Im not worried, im melodramatic. Hense the title. if you knew me, you would know that that’s just the way I see it, and i dont really care because people can live their live the way they want, but if it causes a problem for me, i will hurt them. easy peasy pumpkin peasy, pumkin pie, little person.

      • Yeah, I know her (cool older sister I never head) and this really is how she sees things, including the pumpkin pie part.

  2. Well stated, Kya. I think I may write a “The World Through The Eyes of a Completely and Utterly Frazzled 12-year-old”.

    I believe that your average American teen has been so overly stereotyped that it’s hard to see the real world through what we believe they are. Now, being one of them, I understand almost too well.

    And I love the first paragraph, btw.

    Oh. I just kinda… Um… Betrayed the “I shalt use regular language online” thing. Whoopsie.

  3. Thanks…Yeah, my freind says all my writing is way to depressing, so that’s kind of why I called it what i called it. Yhe name is to long for me to type. ;)=

  4. Another melodramatic piece of writing is coming out. It isnt half as good as this one, but i hope you will read it. It’s called the Fear Effect, and it’s about advertising. If you didnt like this one, then dont read the next one, get it, got it, good.

  5. More fantabulous (yes, I know it’s not a word) writing to make you pissed off, excited or depressed coming to a computer near you. Look out for Uprising, Revolutionary Article (really imaginative, I know) and VAMPIRES (grr face). All the society bashing, authority hating, revolution starting writing you will never need!!!! Yayz!!!

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