Baby Grox’s Story: How Our Cute Little Guy Came to Be By: Miranda

As some of you know, I am slightly (well, extremely) obsessed with Baby Grox. Technically, Baby Grox is a cyborg alien. His species dominates the center of the galaxy, destroys everyone in sight, and wears metal bionic parts. But, Baby Grox enjoys playing music.

Baby Grox has no parents, because I didn’t bother making them up. He was a pathetic little creature who stayed in a closet all the time, which is where he found his suit. No one had even heard of Baby Grox.

On January 2, Baby Grox found out he had cancer–of the pituitary gland. This explains his 11/2’, abnormally short height. January 2nd is International Baby Grox Day…BECAUSE I SAID SO!!!!

Not surprisingly, Baby Grox became very depressed after this. Baby Grox wanted something to do, besides destroying spaceships. But one day, when Baby Grox was walking down a street that conveniently and randomly appeared, our hero saw a music store…and the rest is short, pointless history.

It was a short time before Baby Grox was given a piccolo, which seemed like the right-sized instrument for him. In one week, music took Baby Grox out of his deep depression.

Baby Grox soon became very popular because:

  1. He was extremely good with musical instruments
  2. He was a cute little guy
  3. He wore a spiffy suit.

In half a decade, Baby Grox had many instruments and many suits. Baby Grox is nothing less than a musical prodigy that will change the world! Well… sort of.

Author’s Note: Soon, Baby Grox will get surgery of the pituitary gland. Please, hope it goes well. If it doesn’t, THE WORLD WILL END!! Well, at least the Baby Grox Revolution will, whatever that is. And, the creature in the Musical Overachievement comic is not Baby Grox…Baby Grox does not possess a tail.

Another Author’s Note: FACES ARE FOR THE LESSER OF WILLS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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4 thoughts on “Baby Grox’s Story: How Our Cute Little Guy Came to Be By: Miranda

  1. WHOA WHOA WHOA WHOOOAAA! You did too design parents. Just look at the comic captioned “Baby Grox enjoys the piccolo.” There. In the background? See the portrait with TWO BIGGER GROX?!?!?!?!?!


    • What I meant is, I bothered drawing things that might have been his parents, but I didn’t bother making up anything about them. Either that, or I wasn’t feeling very creative that day.

    • Ben, there are a plethora of reasons for which those two in particular aren’t necessarily his parents or that Miranda didn’t design parents, and which reason Miranda chooses is her own business (I certainly can demonstrate irony, can’t I). But as these logical arguments contradict your own “righteous” argument you dismiss them as invariably false. I would much appreciate if you would stop doing this.

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