Three Students Explain The Holidays To You

Editor’s Note: Below is a three-part essay written by three separate contributors:  Ivan A., Ben J. and Cole B.  The original idea was to publish this around the 23rd of December but one holiday after another got in the way an and now it’s just about New Year’s.  We apologize for the delay and the lack of topicality when it comes to some of the references now…but perhaps this piece will become like “A Christmas Carol” and will be repeated via book, reader’s theatre, film, stage adaptation, radio play, children’s “pop-up” book and graphic novel for years, decades and centuries to come.

The Holidays Explained:  A Triptych

Part I:  It Begins In Different Way In Different Places

Authors’ note: if anything in this article does not hold true please feel free to comment on it.

Well, Friday the 18th was our last day of school until some time in January.  Do you know what this means? People from Moscow to Quebec, from Sydney to Prague, from Phoenix to Cape Town do you know what this means?  If your guess was “time to rob a convenience store” or “you don’t have to see those creeps who call themselves teachers for another few weeks” you are right, but we won’t admit it and neither of those was the answer I was looking for.

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