Our First Jeffersonian Comix!

Here’s a video comix from Pablo S. and Tonatiuh A.

Tell us what you think…btw, we’re still playing with our preferred method of presenting these things, especially considering the APS filter.


4 thoughts on “Our First Jeffersonian Comix!

  1. That’s a pretty awesome video you’ve got there. Play around a little with the quality and you will create masterpieces! Yes, unfortunately, as Kit Kat said, some of the words are hard to read.

  2. We’re working on it…and by the 3rd or 4th time we should actually have legible captions! Please bear with us as we figure out the best way to throw these online.

    –the editors

    • I feel you may be innaccurately judging Ben’s comment. I understood it as you might want to take a little more time with the writing. I write notes quickly in a manner that is illegable to anyone else but I take a bit longer to write words in reports so teachers can read them more easily.

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