Ben’s World: Experimental Fiction

Weekly Article Tale

(Author’s note: This chapter is part of an experiment to create a (bi?) weekly trilogy based on my characters in Dungeons & Dragons. If you have any opinion whatsoever, please comment, and I’ll either carry on or shut up. Either one works.)

Chapter 1: A Beginning

Darkness. It was all she could see. She thought her eyes were open, but who could know? Who could be certain of anything within the dark abyss of their own mind? A land where reality was naught but a dream, where the laws of nature were naught but the whims of your twisted imagination.

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Prayer Is Banned…But What About Christmas?

(Editor’s Note:  A new column from a new columnist today…and she gets right into one of the messiest of the messy school subjects.  Tell us what you think of the points raised below.–Ed.)

by Raiza R-K:

It’s been an ongoing debate for the longest time amongst a wide variety of people-the teachers, the students, the parents, the nudist-slash-sun worshipper who lives down the street… Yet still, we can’t decide what to do about prayer in schools.

But if we think that keeping prayer out of schools is keeping religion out of school like we’re “supposed” to, then let me ask you this:

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JMS vs. John Adams (Basketball)

by: Yannick H.

As we walked into the John Adams gym, the opposing team’s students commented on the height of our team. They said, “This team is huge, we are going to lose!” That was a reassuring thought in my mind and helped me to overcome my fear of losing again.  This team was not as organized as the other teams we had played.

In the first quarter we did exceptionally well and led until the second quarter when we cracked a little bit and lost our composure. During my playing time in the second period, I thought I did not do very well.  What angered me the most was that I never scored which allowed the opposing team to climb back within about 5 or 6 points.

Halftime allowed our squads to regroup and rest. Then came the third quarter when our team regained the large lead. We held strong and beat them 39-21 through a fourth quarter pull away.

Our next game is at Garfield where a spirited crowd is awaiting us. Garfield is 5-1 at this point in their season. From recent years as stated by Mr. Logan, “This team is rough and physical.” That fact is easy to believe based on their record this year. I am ready for anything to happen, either this squad is the next Lakers or they are just a group of misfits, who really knows, so expect everything.

The Joy of the Holiday Season

by Laurel G.:

So, as everyone who has been living above a rock knows, the holiday season is coming up. This means crazy shoppers, holiday movies, and good food. This season is full of joy and fun and laughter, unless of course you go to Jefferson. If you go to Jefferson, the holiday season is all about huge projects in every class.

Has anyone else noticed this?

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