The Story of Dilvania

By Gabe C.

This is a tale of a world called Dilvania.

It is a simple town that know no one knows much about, although its loving nature has contributed much to the world. It is said that those who go to Dilvania become gifted and have the ability to choose the power of love over the love of power. The town is almost a small sized perfect society.

No crimes, no ravenous beings exist there. The sound of nature, and hard working intelligence brings a very romantic feeling in the air. A very weird, relaxing cacophony of sound enters your ear drums and you exult in its delight.

The food in Dilvania is very healthy and delicious, but also tallow in concept. They even serve a proboscis type insect food covered in cinnamon and chocolate which is very delicious. The mere smell of it will give you a vague thought and wonder, “Why does this taste so good?” There is no secret ingredient nor secret type of sauce or chocolate. People say it is the abyss of love the gives it a sweet sensation.

Dilvania is not widely known nor visited much. The things that lay in Dilvania are secrets that not even I know of. A mere perfect society that does not judge based on sexual preference, religion, race and/or social class. Everyone is equal in this town Dilvania, everyone is intuitive to one another as well.

When Dilvania does get visitors, men and women alike will pore over the gazing beauty that Dilvania is. A very bright and green town, hardly any darkness comes in. The day this town is in ruins will be the day that the world itself will end. Once word reaches out of this perfect society, other towns will be jealous of its simplicity and easy going society.

The only fallback on this society, is that it is very fragile in truth. Too soft one could say, very mediocre when it comes to any form of hate, jealousy and greed. Although this fallback can go both ways. (Rage, hate and greedy feelings can also be a very good thing when it comes to life.) If only everyone in the world was like Dilvania, then we would see the light of life instead of the misfortunes and blaming a higher figure or higher deity (e.g. God).

If only the world could realize the power a happy nation could have, instead of the normal depressed, poverty ruined country; without retaliation on one another or without ballistics due to murder or by simply wearing a certain color. The world has been reduced to simple wars for oil. Pride run countries and the greediest time this world has seen.

Dilvania is the perfect model for society. It is the type of world we must achieve. In time, I would hope we would all live in a society where love is true. Where sex is not a simple thing to do. Where war would end and not start over petty things. Where being religious can be considered good, without the belittling of God and those who believe in him.

If only we could all have a parlor in our minds to help us think more critically and decide for a better outcome for ourselves. Dilvania is the world we need to achieve to be able to keep life itself from coming to an end. If we do this, then Earth will finally find its well deserved peace.

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4 thoughts on “The Story of Dilvania

  1. Very good story!
    I personally believe that there is quite a bit of promise for a sequel. This could turn out to be a fascinating trilogy. I’m thinking something like “This is the tale of a young boy/girl born to this village.”
    Again, a VERY good story!

  2. I especially like how this world of Dilvania is kind of like a perfect Earth, where there is no crime, no discrimination, nothing bad! I particularly like it because this is what OUR world could be like if only everybody tried to change! This is, in my opinion, a VERY good representation of what Earth would be like if everybody made the effort to change for the better.

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