Rock N’ Rhythm Class Provides Valuable Lessons in Rockin’

by Maggie B.

The students of Jefferson Middle School have experienced Rock N’ Rhythm Band for years. However, we know little of people’s opinions on the musical elective. Now “the truth” can be revealed.

Rock N’ Rhythm Band, taught by Mr. Janov, has not always been what we know it as today. It was once a simple music class in which Janov taught students how to read and learn music.

As the years passed, students have introduced new ideas to make it the ideal music class that it is now. Once Janov combined all the ideas, Rock N’ Rhythm Band as we know it was born, and has developed into a regular rock band. Students are learning how to read and play music daily, using a variety of instruments.

Students usually learn to play the genres of alternative pop, rock, and oldies.  This is the best way to learn, especially since no experience is necessary, and you don’t even have to own an instrument. Concerts are held in the Rock N’ Rhythm room at Jefferson Middle School, and once a year at the Albuquerque High School Theater.

Eyewitness News 4 and Action 7 News have visited Jefferson Middle School over the years and constructed reports on the class. “There’s a real life school of rock here in Albuquerque” said Nichole Brady with Eyewitness News 4.

Parents, and even some students, agreed it is a great outlet and keeps students interested in school. “It gives them something to do instead of going out and messing around and doing stupid stuff with their friends,” Evan T. notes.

Others agree, such as Leah Gutierrez Weir with Albuquerque Public Schools (APS): “There’s also research to show that courses like this course enhance a student’s ability to read, to organize, to stay engaged, (and) to have good study habits.” Things like this can really help with a student’s school work.

According to a recent informal survey completed by this reporter, the majority of students who are or have ever been in Rock N’ Rhythm Band like the class.

Rachel G., a current student and lover of Rock N’ Rhythm says “It’s fun; I like the instrument choices and that you get to switch your instruments.” Another student not in Rock N’ Rhythm, and wishing to remain anonymous, thinks he might enjoy it, and claims “I have friends in that class and from what I’ve heard it’s really fun; I wish I had signed up for it.”

While those who enjoy Rock N’ Rhythm have fun, there is always the minority of students who have or never been in it, and don’t think they would like it. “It’s just not my cup of tea,” claims Logan B. V. H., a current Band student who has never been in Rock N’ Rhythm and plans to continue as such. Renee G., a previous Rock N’ Rhythm student agrees; “I don’t like that class. I wouldn’t take class again.”

For the most part, Rock N’ Rhythm Band has become a very popular elective. The survey demonstrates that most students agree that this is a good class and worth signing up for.

Evidence also shows that when students take a music class, they do better in school. Although not completely enjoyed by all students, Rock N’ Rhythm Band has made a name for itself. Its fame has grown throughout the city and has found a home a Jefferson Middle School for years to come.


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