Cole Floats Ideas: Homework Zombies

by Cole. B.:

As any student of the wonderful Jefferson Middle School knows, homework is a regular thing. Homework for this class, some for that class, a little for this class over here, and just a tad for this class over there.

Of course homework serves its purpose, but with seven different classes, that homework can, and will stack up. What happens when this work becomes just a little bit too much to handle? The quick answer: chaos.

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New Squadron Leader

Hi! I’m Brittany G. , the 8th grade squadron leader. I wanted to become squadron leader because I knew it would be a challenge, but I knew I could do it with practice from journalism and Ms. Kinney’s student aide.

We asked Ms. Kinney the following questions and she answered them below…

Why is this important?
Is this something you enjoy?
What kind of people should and could join?
When do you meet?

JetForce is important for anyone who is interested in contributing to the school community and those who want to make Jefferson a better school. Also, student council provides an opportunity for students to begin being a leader and role model for their community. Many leaders in our community, state, and federal government started out as members of their student council. I enjoy being a leader because students need a good role model. Those individuals who would like to represent their classroom, grade level, or any other group need to understand the difference between being a positive leader and a negative leader. Power can often lead people into thinking they are invincible or they can accomplish any task. Part of leading JetForce is having students realize that there are limitations with power but also opportunities to be resilient.

Anyone can be part of student council. I think it provides a great opportunity for anyone wanting to meet new people, make Jefferson the best place to go to school possible, and who just want to have fun.

JetForce meets every Wednesday at 7:45am in room 305.

A Cat’s Day

By Miranda R.

Note from the author: This is the story of an average day in my cat Tilly’s life. Thank goodness cats can’t talk.

5:00 a.m.
Grrr! Another rude awakening by a crow! I need my beauty sleep!

5:01 a.m.

5:04 a.m.
Well, trying to get the crows to be quiet is a lost cause, so I might as well get up and bother a few humans.

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New Satire Needed

I can’t believe I’m forced to an “all call” for satire.  Satire is a staple food in the cupboard of the written word.  Satire is FUNdamental.  Without satire, life on certain parts of this planet would be unlivable.

So bring on some satire, folks.  Big steaming bowls of it.  Send your submissions to our head manager editor person thing…Mr. Key at  Or just bring it in to Room 114 in that hideous “hard copy” format we hear was popular some time back.

–head manager editor person thing