Jefferson or North Pole?

If you’re a student here at Jefferson Middle School, you’ve most likely noticed the freezing temperatures throughout the building.

The coldest place I’ve noticed seems to be the seventh grade hall, especially down at the end of it. The classes in that hallway have been going to the library for class because it is simply too cold for kids to focus on learning rather than their shivering, goose-bumpy skin.

The temperatures seem to fluctuate as you walk around the school. The hallways are all very cold, but some classrooms are normal to warm in temperature. 114, the room I happen to be writing this particular article in right now, is very warm, quite a change from first and second period. The temperature inside the building is actually colder than that outside, where it is perfectly sunny and warm,as i can see out of a window overlooking the patio.

I find it extremely annoying to have to take off my jacket when I enter a classroom, and then put it back on when I leave, just so I can walk down the hallway to my next class. I mean, honestly, how much does it take to heat up a hallway?

I see the perfect solution:

A personal space-heater for each student.

I mean, if they refuse to turn on the heating, which I know they have, then is this really too big of a request?


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