Opinion: New Schedule for Jefferson

When everyone went to registration, many were very confused. Why did I get math twice? I didn’t ask for Home Ec! And no advisory class?

All of the changes are due to the new block schedule that Jefferson has begun using. This allows (or requires, depending on your point of view) students longer periods to learn math and literature/language arts. Other classes, such as electives and science, are now several minutes shorter than they were previously.
Here! Have a picture!

Still confused? Don’t worry, you’re not alone.
The block schedule, in my opinion, could have been done a lot better. We could have different classes different days, allowing equal time for all classes. But, unfortunately, that’s not what happened. So we’ll just have to deal with it.
The scariest thing about the block schedule confusion is that most of the teachers have no idea how the schedule works either, so asking about will give you little to no help.
And, just to even things out, a good thing about the schedule. Has anyone else noticed that the days feel shorter with these schedules? That’s nothing to complain about.

But, hopefully, we’ll figure it out eventually.
Maybe we’ll even get bells back!
Which would mean no more laptop alarms, teachers constantly checking their phones for the time, or fog horns in room 114!
Until then, try to enjoy the strange quiet that surrounds Jefferson.



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