6th grade volleyball

We last brought you the announcement of who “made the team” for the 8th Grade Volleyball Jets. Well, here’s the 6th Grade team!

Jacqueline V.
Roshi M.
Victoria S.
Ryley P.
Isela R.
Anel Marie V.
Jennifer A.
Brianna C.
Jamie M.
Ericka T.
Adrianna G.
Jazlynn G.
Ashley M.

Congratulations 6th graders!!!


8th grade volleyball team

We now have the results for the 8th grade volleyball team! This year, Mrs. Kinney decided to take in one extra player making it 13 rather than the usual 12.

Here is this year’s 8th grade team team:
Louis A.
Nicole O.
Zuzia O.
Jesse V.
Miranda B.
Shelby W.
Marisa E.
Torrie H.
Nicole S.
Adrienne F.
Ashlee T.
Drew S.
Deshon H.

The 6th grade tryouts are Tuesday, August 26th.
The 7th grade tryouts are Monday, August 31st.
Good Luck 6th and 7th graders!!!